Some chat

12 Feb 2020

We have been going now as a Self catering cottage for nearly 6 years. The cottage was bought at auction and it took us a lot of time, effort and sadly cash to get it habitable. Huge internal wall had to be removed including installing lots of steel to keep it all together, but it was a fun project and i learned a lot. We had great builders (Jenkins Builders from Hay on Wye) and very accommodating neighbours. We also had the AMAZING Amanda who helped us get on our feet with doing all the housekeeping for the early years. There is so much to do on a holiday let - far more than at home where you just 'make do'. 

I'm Katie, the owner of Ganarew. I visit every week with a pile of clean laundry and with Mandy and occasionally Heather's help also, we do our best to keep those pesky spiders and their webs away, and do all the usual cleaning / changeover so the cottage is as near perfect as we can get it, ready for your arrival!